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Our Practice

Our Practice

We are a residential design studio based in Perth, Western Australia.


Stack was founded on the principles of creating homes that are elegantly simple, beautiful, and functional.


Our approach to design is to create spaces that are measured by their quality, rather than their quantity.


Sustainability is innate to every project without question, it is considered in every element of the design, it’s never an afterthought, nor is it optional - it's just part of what we do.


We develop the character of each new project. alongside our clients, free of any preconceived bias. We carefully consider every possibility and design outcome, creating a distinctive response to their brief and the unique variables of their site. 


Design, to us, is a tool for which we redefine how we live, for the better. We greatly respect the trust placed in our clients, knowing the outcome of our efforts, will for many years to come, play an astronomical part in their life and their enjoyment of it.


We work with people, our clients, that share our appreciation for what design can do for their lives, and the impact it can have.

If you would like to reach out to us about your project, you can contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



Kyle Stacey

Kyle Stacey

Design Director

In 2016 Kyle founded Stack after many years of experience working across bespoke residential homes throughout Perth and WA.

Kyle established Stack as a practice to create spaces that had a focus on creating more from less, and importantly - making good design and sustainable design the norm, not the exception.

Much of what drives our ethos and design approach has been influenced by Kyle's upbringing on the family farm in Quairading. His experience of living on isolated expanses of bushland has informed the idea that the places in which we live are special in themselves and the spaces we design to sit within them can only accentuate the inherent beauty of what already exists on each site. Leading the practice to approach every space as an extension of the spaces beyond the building itself and in doing so, creating homes that are exceptionally special to those living amongst them.

Kyle has previously served as both the President and Vice President of the Building Designers Association of Western Australia (now Design Matters) and recently founded inhabit. in collaboration with Litehouse Builders (more news on that soon).

Sarah Hogarth

Sarah Hogarth

Designer / Draftsperson

Sarah joined Stack in 2019, after graduating from her studies in Architecture several years earlier.

She wears many hats and is involved in every stage of the design process, her main roles consist of developing all the meticulous finishing details and managing the construction documentation of our projects. She also is responsible for interior design, working with the team closely, to design and develop interior spaces.

Sarah is most famously known for solely responsible for instigating 'Cocktail Fridays', which has led to a recent strong demand for requests for Friday design review meetings from clients.

Chloe Lumsden

Chloe Lumsden

Interior Designer

Director of Clo Interiors

Chloe has been part of the Stack team since its inception, as the sister of Kyle she has worked closely with the design team on every project to develop the interior design elements of our projects.

Recently Chloe started her own interior design studio - Clo Interiors.

Although even within her new role she still is part of the Stack team, still collaborating with us on both existing and new projects with our clients.


Litehouse Builders

Litehouse has collaborated closely with Stack on nearly every project we've been part of to date, with both Toby Bird & Stuart Brooks sharing a passion for good design and creating quality over quantity being what bought us together.

You can read about our Design + build partnership and how we

work together here.

Bonnie Stacey Landscape Design

BSLD has collaborated with us on a number of projects, considering how the landscaping and gardens directly influence the spaces within every home, linking them together. 

Bonnie is the youngest sister to Kyle and Chloe, and after gathering many years of experience as a landscape designer now leads her own practice.

Design Process


The design process involves developing every element of your home, how it works, looks and feels, then resolving the construction details before we start on site, ensuring a smooth build process.

We take you through the process together, simplifying it for you and guiding you through many of the decisions that need to be made before we can start on site. We document and detail every part of your home and prepare all the documentation for you to review, finalise and prepare for the builder.

The process is broken down into smaller stages to allow you to focus on snippets at a time, we've broken down a simplified explanation of the process below.

1. Pre-design
We gather and prepare all the information we need to consider across the design, ready to review all the needs, constraints and establish base build costs. We discuss your design brief in detail, both Stack and Litehouse conduct joint site visits and prepare a detailed site feasibility assessment. 

2. Sketch design
Beginning with the development of the concept plans, working closely with you to design a functional and practical layout, establishing the layout of your home and how it is sited, providing a design concept that meets your brief and works with the site.

3. Design development
The design development stage is when we create the aesthetic and the character. Developing the built form and defining a material pallet. We 3D model the design walk-through models and workshop the design with you. Alongside this we also prepare the full drawing documentation for review with you, which is forms the base set of drawings for the rest of the design development and construction process. 

4. Planning approval
We prepare development application plans and documentation, consult with neighbours and council. Finally, we lodge and manage the development application for you.

5. Detailed design
The final selections are made - interior materials, cabinetry, fixtures and fittings, the list goes on. There are a lot of decisions and detail to manage at this point - we guide you through each of them.

6. Contract documentation
The final documentation for construction is prepared, integrating the engineering drawings
and requirements and creating the full building specification ready for final contract costing.

7. Project costing and contracts
A final project costing is provided by the builder and the building contracts are signed.

8. Building license
Litehouse prepares the documentation to obtain a building license, managing the consultants and the council application for you.

9. Construction commences
The work on site begins, with Stack and Litehouse meeting for weekly site meetings to discuss and review progress with the works. 


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