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A life spent living and farming the land forms a special bond to that place - a place full of memories and moments, creating a unique sense of gratitude for everything that the land has provided with over those many years.

Koji is designed for a family as a warm and functional farm house. It's located in a place special to their family and their connection to the farm. 


The design allows for the home to be easily be adapted - opening up a  secondary wing, accomodating their three adult children when they return home from the city.

Creating a pair of staggered pavilions allows almost every room within the house to have a view over the lake, as well as creating a protected northern courtyard from the prevailing cold southerly winds.

Respecting the origins of the home and its functional purpose, the shed-like form pays tribute to the working heritage of the farm from a distance. 

The detailing of jarrah cladding and attached posts define a more contemporary form of the typical country farm house prevalent in the area. 

Koji Site-4.jpg
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