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Mosman Park

Project type

New home





A new home situated on a tricky corner lot in Mosman Park, our clients brief was for a simple, practical and unfussy home.

We carefully designed a home that would serve as a backdrop to the stunning eucalypts and Bottlebrushes. 

The living areas look out into the canopy of Banksias to the north, quite the site when they're flowering so we're told.

During a impromptu site visit, we received possibly one of the best pieces of feed back on a project, as a kid on the way to school with their mum shouting at the top of their lungs "Mum look it's your favourite house!".

After a quick chat with our client Jane we learnt that comments like this are common day to day occurrences.


While wandering around taking a few snaps we were stopped by a couple of locals out for their morning walk, only too keen to tell us how fantastic of a contribution the home is to their street compared to the typical new homes popping up.⁠

It's nice to know that the homes we create have a positive impact on not only our clients but also on the lives of others.⁠


From our clients

Kyle and his team at Stack were a pleasure to work with in designing our new home.

He is passionate about design, innovation and creating beautiful spaces for his clients brief all whilst caring for the environment.

Our new home is perfect. Just what we set out to create.

Mosman_Hero 01.jpg
Mosman_Front 02.jpg
Mosman_Streetscape 01.jpg
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