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We design liveable, unique and enjoyable homes to live in, brimming with character and light.



We are a residential design studio based in Perth, Western Australia.

The homes we create are designed to be simple, beautiful, and practical places to live.


Design, to us, is a tool for which we redefine how we live, for the better. We greatly respect the trust placed in us by our clients, knowing the outcome of our efforts, will for many years to come, play an astronomical part in their life and their enjoyment of it. We work with people - our clients - that share our appreciation for how good design can impact their lives for the better.


We design every home with its own idiosyncratic characteristics, each a unique idea in response to their unique brief and the character of their site. They're homes that wouldn't work anywhere else, they are designed specifically for needs of the people and the place that call it home.

Sustainability is an innate element of what we do, simply put - the principles of sustainable design are inherent to good design outcomes, not a mutually exclusive afterthought, rather a deeply intrinsic element of good design itself. 

If you would like to reach out to us about your project, you can contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


The Castle

We're a team of inquisitive, curious, creative minds. 

Together we use our skills and experience as designers to better people's lives.



Integral to what we do, is that everyone involved in our projects, understands why we do what we do, and how important is to the people we're doing it for - you.

We collaborate not only as a small team, but also closely with a handful of like-minded other people across various stages of every project. We build on our past collaborations, from interior and landscape designers to engineers, builders and trades people.

Kyle Stacey

Kyle Stacey

Design Director

Kyle established Stack as a practice to create homes that had a focus on creating more from less. He believes in making good design and sustainable building the norm, not an exception​ in Western Australia.

Much of what drives our ethos and approach to design has been influenced by Kyle's younger years spent on the family farm in Quairading. 


The resulting approach is one that considers the places in which we live as special in themselves, and the homes we design to sit within them can only accentuate the inherent beauty of what already exists on each site.

Kyle has previously served as both the President and Vice President of the Building Designers Association of Western Australia (now Design Matters) and recently founded inhabit.

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We design beautiful homes for people that better the lives of the people that live in them, for a long time.


Design services

We can work with clients on both new homes and renovations across Western Australia, we also provide feasibility advice to clients prior to purchasing their block or home to renovate to ensure that it's suited for your needs and your project budget.

Working through the process together, we guide you through from start to finish, resolving every part of your home with you. We're designing, documenting, and detailing every individual element of the project - the product selections, cabinetry, managing council applications, engineering, sustainability components, electrical and lighting - just to list a few. Then, we collate everything into one cohesive package to take to the builder.

Generally, we are involved all the way through the process, from to design, right through to completion of construction, and handover. Though we can individually tailor our scope of works for each project based on our client's varying requirements.   

You can check out a detailed breakdown of our Design Process and Services via the link below

Stack // Design Service Package Documentation


Design + build

We also have a design + build collaboration with Litehouse Builders, of which to date is how we have delivered most of our projects. We also have a traditional tender service available if you have your own builder in mind.

You can read more about our Design + Build collaboration process here




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