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Together in 2016 Stack and Litehouse established a design + build partnership, combining to create an design + build method that embodied our mutual appreciation for good, considered design, integrated with a collaborative build process to create beautiful places to live with an exceptional build quality.

We work together with a handful of clients at a time to create homes that our clients measure by the impact the spaces within have on their lives each and every day. They're people that don't place value in the size of their home, they don't want monuments or palaces, nor do they want plain white boxes.

They want spaces filled with character, texture and warmth, a place for you to enjoy all the best moments of life with your family and friends, put all your favourite things, to have a living room that feels like it part of the garden, but most importantly they're places they want to feel like they never want to leave. 

If you want to talk to us more about how we work together just get in touch here.

Design + build
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Design + build

We provide a design + build process that improves on the typical design build model, engaging in a detailed design process that carefully considers every single element of each space and how they can be designed to improve life, the best strategy to work with the individual challenges of your site and how the spaces should adapt and change with your life over time.

Design + build enables you to engage the individual expertise of the designer and the builder from the outset, providing you with the confidence that everyone involved is invested in the final outcome of the project and will be there throughout the journey - from the first design brief meeting, to the final handover celebrations.

It allows you to forgo the complications, uncertainty and delays of the tender process, while addressing the stumbling point of a common design build offering, where the typical approach is a shallow design process that has little depth or consideration, instead favouring a basic design and solutions that are quick and easy to construction rather than provide better living outcomes.


Through out the entire process we work together, continuously reviewing and assessing the design and its construction elements, identifying and resolving any challenges early, before we start on site, ensuring a smooth build process and confidence in meeting the budget.

You can talk to us more about how design + build works by getting in touch here.

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The design + build process involves developing every element of the design and resolving the construction details before we start on site, ensuring a smooth build process.

We take you through the process together, simplifying it for you and guiding you through many of the decisions that need to be made before we can start on site. We document and detail every part of your home and prepare all the documentation for you to review, finalise and prepare for the builder.

The process is broken down into smaller stages to allow you to focus on snippets at a time, we've broken down a simplified explanation of the process below.

1. Pre-design
We gather and prepare all the information we need to consider across the design, ready to review all the need, constraints and establish base build costs. We discuss your design brief in detail, both Stack and Litehouse conduct joint site visits and prepare a detailed site feasibility assessment. 

2. Sketch design
Beginning with the development of the concept plans, working closely with you to design a functional and practical layout, establishing the layout of your home and how it is sited, providing a design concept that meets your brief and works with the site.

3. Design development
The design development stage is when we create the aesthetic and the character. Developing the built form and defining a material pallet. We 3D model the design walk through models and workshop the design with you. Alongside this we also prepare the full drawing documentation for review with you, which is forms the base set of drawings for the rest of the design development and construction process. 

4. Planning approval
We prepare development application plans and documentation, consult with neighbours and council. Finally we lodge and manage the development application for you.

5. Detailed design
The final selections are made - interior materials, cabinetry, fixtures and fittings, the list goes on. There are a lot of decisions and detail to manage at this point - we guide you through each of them.

6. Contract documentation
The final documentation for construction is prepared, integrating the engineering drawings
and requirements and creating the full building specification ready for final contract costing.

7. Project costing and contracts
A final project costing is provided and the building contracts are signed.

8. Building license
Litehouse prepares the documentation to obtain a building license, managing the consultants and the council application for you.

9. Construction commences
The work on site begins, with Stack and Litehouse meeting for weekly site meetings to discuss and review progress with the works. 

You can talk to us more about our collaborative process by getting in touch here.



Just as you want to get to know us before you entrust us to design + build your home, we like to get to know you before we start your project. You can get to know us better at our individual websites for more information about us, our practices and projects here.

Kyle Stacey

Kyle Stacey | Stack

Kyle established Stack as a practice to create spaces that had a focus on create more from less, he believes in making good design  and sustainable building the norm, not an exception.


Toby Bird | Litehouse

Toby has over 25 years experience in the building industry. He has now been a registered builder for over 17 years building hundreds of homes across Perths western suburbs.


Stuart Brooks | Litehouse

Stuart has over 16 years of experience in the high end residential building industry and has a passion for building homes that combine exceptional detail and finish with good design principles.


He also doesn't mind a surf. 



You can get in touch with us about working with us by reaching with the form below, or you can give us a call to have a chat and get to know more about us.

Thanks, we will be in touch soon!

Get in touch

Kyle Stacey | Stack Design

m. 0430 172 541

Toby Bird | Litehouse

m. 0411 727 576

Stuart Brooks | Litehouse

m. 0451 307 437

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