Our Practice

We're a practice of passionate young designers based in Perth working across Western Australia. 

We design each project with an emphasis on quality, character and sustainability over quantity.

Formed in 2016 by Kyle Stacey, we have worked with clients on a collection of both new homes and residential renovation projects, locally in Perth and across regional Western Australia.

As a practice, the way we approach each project is invariably different, but the principles core to our design ethos are still firmly fixed in the basis of all our projects.

We see space as a finite resource, so we identify the opportunity and means to design spaces that enrich the lives of the people that live amongst them. To us, the value lies in the quality of our spaces, rather than in its size, an way of thinking that enables us create homes that are exceptional places for our clients to live. 

Our design approach considers the place in which the project sits, designing the spaces relative to how the inside and out relate to, and interact with each other. We endeavour to create spaces that feel as much part of the sky and trees beyond the glass, as they do a comforting bastion from the elements when they need to be.


Kyle Stacey

Design Director

In 2016 Kyle founded Stack, after many years experience working across bespoke residential homes throughout Perth and WA.

Kyle established Stack as a practice to create spaces that had a focus on create more from less, and importantly - making good design and sustainable design the norm, not the exception.

Much of what drives our ethos and design approach has been influenced by Kyle's upbringing on the family farm in Quairading. His experience of living on isolated expanses of bushland have informed the idea that the places in which we live are special in themselves and the spaces we design for to sit within them can only accentuating the inherent beauty of what already exists on each site. Leading the practice to approach every space as an extension of the spaces beyond the building itself and in doing so, creating homes that are exceptionally special to those living amongst them.

Kyle has previously served as both the President and Vice President of the Building Designers Association of Western Australia (now Design Matters), and recently founded inhabit. in collaboration with Litehouse Builders (more news on that soon).

Sarah Hogarth

Designer / Draftsperson

Sarah joined Stack in 2019, after graduating her studies in Architecture several years earlier.

She wears many hats and is involved in every stage of the design process, her main roles consist of developing all the meticulous  finishing details and managing the construction documentation of our projects. She also is responsible for interior design, working with the the team closely, to design and develop interior spaces.

Sarah is maybe most famously know for solely responsible for instigating 'Cocktail Fridays', which has led to a recent strong demand for request for Friday design review meetings from clients.

Chloe Lumsden

Interior Designer

Director of Clo Interiors

Chloe has been part of the Stack team since its inception, as the sister of Kyle she has worked closely with the design team on every project to develop the interior design elements of our projects.

Recently Chloe started her own interior design studio - Clo Interiors.

Although even within her new role she still is part of the Stack team, still collaborating with us on both existing and new projects with our clients.


Bonnie Stacey Landscape Design

BSLD have collaborated with us on a number of projects, considering how the landscaping and gardens directly influence the spaces within every home, linking them together. 

Bonnie is the youngest sister to Kyle and Chloe, and after many years as a landscape designer now leads her own practice.


The close similarities in the understanding of design and spaces between the three siblings has allowed us to create some exceptional homes together.

Litehouse Builders

Litehouse have collaborated closely with Stack on nearly every project we've been part of to date, with both Toby Bird & Stuart Brooks sharing a passion for good design and creating quality over quantity being what bought us together.

Many of our projects are utilise a design + build methodology, with the benefit of involving the builder from the start, something we have found incredibly beneficial for our clients.

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