Stack is a Perth based residential Building Design practice.


Our projects represent a collection of spaces, each designed to enrich the lives of the people that live within them.

Every client has a different brief and every site requires a different design approach. 


At the heart of our ethos is a design-led approach, creating spaces that embody good design principles, by way of a holistic design process that carefully considers our clients needs. 


Sustainability is core to our practice, its integral to our design approach and our ethos both as a practice and individuals.

To us, we see it as our responsibility to ensure the projects we create minimise their impact on our environment and help our clients benefit from sustainable, efficient living.

Every project is designed to minimise energy both the energy used in the construction, materials and in occupancy.  


They're designed to be efficient and sustainable from the the outset, not as an afterthought or an add on. 

Design Process

We separate the design process into simplified stages to allow us to focus on individual aspects of the design to consider all the elements in greater detail.

1. Feasibility/Concept Design

2. Detailed Design

3. Detailed Resolution

4. Construction Documentation 

During the design and construction phases of each project, we work closely with other collaborators, employing a holistic approach to ensure the design intent is carried through in every detail. 

As every project has varying needs, we approach each differently, adjusting our process and scope accordingly. If you would like a more in depth understanding about our process, you can contact us to discuss how it would work for your project. 

Design & Construct

The majority of our projects see us collaborate with Litehouse Builders, we still tender projects to a number of builders depending on a clients preference.


After delivering a number of past projects together we have developed a relationship founded on a mutual appreciation for the value of good design, sustainable construction and the fine details in every build.


The collaborative nature of our relationship helps us ensure the best built outcomes for our projects and in turn our clients.

When we collaborate with Litehouse we work together from the outset, from our first meeting with clients on site and their initial brief meeting, to ensure both designer and builder are on the same page and the right fit.

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